3 Jun 2017

'Focus' Lo Tide Feat. Carolyn

I'm so excited to finally share the news with you. Myself and Sam Grieve of Lo Tide in Australia collaborated on another song and created a video also! Some of you will remember that I did a call out looking for people to send me videos. This is the fruit of that labour.

The video is a collage of home videos sent into me literally from around the world, of people telling me their ultimate goals and focus in life. It is raw and honest, determined and beautiful and I'm so grateful for the huge response. Thank you to everyone involved. We all have goals. Do them. Achieve them. Ignore any negativity that comes at you as a result of you trying to achieve. 

We are all human. We all have goals. We all want positive things.

The song is available to purchase now as part of Lo Tides latest EP 'At The End' which drops on June 16th. So if you pre-order the EP now, you will get this song straight away. 


Focused on the goal
Can't be swayed, can't be sold
A mission to transition
From silver to gold
Force to be reckoned with
Power of the mind
I know I'm only young
But I make use of my time


'Cuz I'm Focused
'Cuz I'm Focused and I
Know what I'm doing
What I'm doing with my life

Ignore all distractions
Remember it's you
Law of attraction
Will pull you through
So find a way
And navigate 
Through the hate,
The constant slate(ing)
And don't tolerate
'Cuz I'm focused (cuz I'm focused!)
And I know what I'm doing (and I know what I'm doing!)
And it might not make much sense to you
But I know where I'm moving to! 
So you do you
And I'll do me too! 


Forget yesterday,
You did what you did
The hours are gone
Now carry on.

Carry on..
Carry on..

Lyrics written and sung by Carolyn. Music by Lo Tide.

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