30 Mar 2017

Want to be in a Music Video?

In this music video you would need to simply record a 20 second video of you holding up a sign (or it can be written on your hand etc.) with either one word or a few words about what your ultimate life goal is or what your current goal in life is. It must be something you have to FOCUS on, work hard at getting or/and need to overcome other people's doubts in order to remain focused and succeed. This could be anything from working for NASA to buying a house. Whatever it is, it must be meaningful to you.

To confirm details about what is needed:

Video must have you clearly in the frame and whatever you have written must be very clear on camera also.

What you write must be in black marker only.

You don't need to say anything, just stare at the camera. This is a song about being focused, empowerment, overcoming all barriers to achieve your goals. So look determined. Let it be from the heart :)

The video must be 20 seconds long.

You must email it to me with your written permission to use this footage that you have sent in the video along with your full name and country as you will be credited at the end of the video.

This is open worldwide. We all have goals, ambitions and dreams.

Although I cannot pay you, I will be sure that you receive credit if your video is used. You will have it on your CV also. I will also email you the link to the video when it is released if your video is used in it. 

*****NOW CLOSED*****

All entries must be emailed to : carolynmcahill@gmail.com

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