9 Dec 2016

A trip down memory lane...

It's been 10 months since I have posted up here. This isn't what I had planned, I promise. But I won't fool you into thinking it is for any greater purpose. Truth be told, there hasn't been a massive amount of musical happenings, or at least anything that I can properly talk about just yet. What there has been is approaches from people claiming to be a big deal, they want to manage me, make me the next big thing and all they are doing is trying to get my money and that's it. So a few disappointments, but hey, that is to be expected in this industry.

I have moved house, moved county, started a new job and in general faced a lot of life changes. Finding time to learn and create and develop has definitely been hard and I'm not going to sugar coat it, I've had some difficulty with trying to get my stuff together musically. I've huge huge ideas and creations but because I am not amazing at any instruments, turning what is in my head into a reality is absolutely challenging. Hence why my song 'Hurricane' is labelled a demo, it is not in anyway ready to be a track that people buy. It is an example of the work I am trying to create. In order to develop it fully, I need people who are amazing. I'm good at what I do, singing and writing vocals. My ideas for songs are exciting, so I need other people who are good at what they do, drums, keys, strings, in order for my ideas to reach the level of excellence I know they can reach. So in time, I would like for this to manifest, I believe it will.

 I've been toying with the idea of vlogging but I don't think it is something that will be of interest if I was to do it. I want to record more videos too. Unusual cover songs are the only real covers I like to do and I think that could be really fun and interesting. I'm also working on another collaboration which I should be able to tell you about in time and we are working on a video for that also.  And I've been thinking of writing more honest, close to the bone blog posts like this. Where I tell it like it is and not sugar coat it. All performers and musicians that I see that are putting their journey on social media, they make it look like it is so easy, but trust me it's not. They work very very hard and get 1 yes for every 100 nos ! There are lots of young people out there wanting to pursue music. I tell them GO FOR IT! However do be prepared, prepare for how amazing it is, the wonderful experiences you will have, fantastic people you will meet, the thrill you get when you jump on stage and a crowd sings your words back to you and more! But be prepared for the rejections and the bad shows and the negative comments etc. It comes with anything you do and it will hurt. So strengthen your mind now in preparation for the good and bad. Envision everything that you want and work hard . Take the rejections with a grain of salt and keep pushing for the positive and exciting things that will happen, you just need to stay focused. If you are in school and this is what you want to do, prepare now for the moment you make the step into the music world. It will benefit you massively :) It's the best thing you could ever do, just be ready.

I've been fortunate enough to work with some amazingly talented people in the past and I would like to thank each of them, they all know who they are. I've made some beautiful memories with these people that I will definitely treasure and bring with me into the future of my music. I love to work with different people, they all have their own story to tell and you learn from everyone and everything. As the song goes, everything that happens happens for a reason. You may not know it at the time but eventually will and it will all come to make sense. I was browsing through photos, on a trip down memory lane and thought I would put some up for you to see. I know there are more amazing things to come, more memories and photos and laughs. But sometimes it is good to stop and take time to appreciate everything that has happened up to this point :) 

Carolyn xx

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