10 Feb 2016

'Dark Scenery' - Roger Doyle feat. Carolyn

Roger Doyle playing live in the Union Chapel, London  23/01/16

Not too long ago, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Roger Doyle. A composer, keyboardist and producer of his own work, Roger has a pretty incredible career journey which is evident in the music he creates. Listening to any of his songs will instantly transport you to anywhere; like the seaside or the African plains, your imagination really kicks off once you hit the play button. It is fair to say he is the Godfather of Irish Electronica. 

Sitting in his studio, he explains how some of his music came to take shape and you are pretty much in awe at how fantastic each songs journey comes to be. The song 'Dark Scenery' was the song I was invited to sing in on. Coming from a background of singing lyrics, I knew by listening to the song that this wasn't going to fit into that mold. The song didn't need lyrics, it needed wailing of sorts. It was probably my favourite recording experience to date. I never get to use the soprano side of my vocal range as well as mezzo but with this song there was that freedom to sing what you felt, and that was a form of therapy. I literally felt like I just spent the day talking to a therapist after singing for this song, I felt so light! :) I got to hit some of my highest soprano notes which had never been recorded so that was a lot of fun too (see. 3mins 21seconds on the song). Roger added in some really stunning strings later on which really brought the whole track together and now the song is complete.

He was so easy to work with! Sometimes when you go into studio, it can take a while to get focused and also loosen the nerves but there was none of that. It was easy going and no judgement whatsoever.  Thanks a million for inviting me to sing in on the track Roger, I had a blast and look forward to working with you again!

You will also see the song in the Sound cloud box to the right of the screen :) 

Make sure you check out all of Roger Doyle's social media platforms and also be sure to have a read at his biography as it is pretty incredible!


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