17 Jan 2016

So it begins..

Hi all! 

Welcome to my blog.. again.. sort of! I am so excited to finally start this up for the purpose in which Stereo Velvet was intended. Some of you will already be familiar with Stereo Velvet as I had been blogging about various things such as beauty and fashion as well as some music, up to about a year or two ago. The idea behind Stereo Velvet has always been to eventually get the guts to make it my 'follow the journey' blog, updating you all on any music projects I have and sometimes even the odd heart to heart. I spent 2014/2015 locked away working hard on musical projects, seeing a vocal coach, learning Pro Tools and doing a night course on Sound Engineering with Shea Fitsgerald in DFEI. I am still learning ( especially with Pro Tools, I don't think you can ever stop learning new things with it!) writing more lyrics and improving as a vocalist. 

With previous bands, I was the front woman. When we would write music, I would write my lyrics and create the vocal melody to music that the band created and then sing. This time I'm out in the music world as a solo artist. Considering I don't play keyboard fluently, recording my own songs is a long process but I'm getting there and have some really lovely people helping me along the way if I get stuck with the technical issues. I look forward to sharing my own music with you in time. 

I have finally launched my Facebook page 'CAROLYN' and would love for you to head over and give it a like.  https://www.facebook.com/CarolynMusic/  

Well I shall leave it at that for now. Thank you for clicking onto my blog if this is your first time here and thank you to those of you that followed my blog in its earlier days and decided to click back. It means a lot :)

Carolyn x

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