26 Jan 2016

'Flow' - LoTide feat. Carolyn

A project I worked on was released a few months back. I worked with the lovely Sam Grieve, known musically as Lo Tide from Tasmania in Australia. It was a really interesting project to work on for many reasons. Firstly the genre was completely out of my comfort zone to create vocals to. I'm used to writing and singing for anything from rock to electro punk but to go down this route of down tempo/ dubstep electronica was really new. 

Secondly we were in completely different time zones as Sam is in Australia and I'm here in little old Ireland, so it might be a full day before one would get to respond to the other. Although I guess sometimes creative heads don't always get much sleep and the odd time we would both be up at the same time. It is funny looking back on it, collaborating with each other and we are literally on opposite sides of the world. I'm really really glad we made it work! 

 I recorded the vocals on my own using Pro Tools and sent them over but the writing process for this took a super long time for me. I'm the type that can write to a song in as little as 15 minutes sometimes, once I'm on my own and in that creative zone. I can tell you now that this well and truly took longer than 15 minutes but this was just so different to everything I had done before. Not only that but it being my first collaboration as a solo artist, I definitely wanted to get it right and being a perfectionist made that tough. A lot of work went into this and I've broken the barrier now on writing for very different genres I'm delighted to say, so it was definitely a great learning curve for me.  It's so amazing doing collaborations because you are bending yourself and testing your abilities and the outcome can be really fantastic. 

The song is called 'FLOW' and is song number 3 on the album 'Learn to Wait' released by the label Organik Recordings. Lo Tide is a really cool artist, he has some savage tunes on the album so I will put all the links below to his online platforms and to the album itself so that you can buy it. He is absolutely worth checking out and has just released another album called 'Entanglement Point' which I recommend having a listen to.

The lyrics to 'Flow' are about believing you can do anything you set your mind to, trusting that things will work and going with the flow.  It was written to encourage someone close to me.  

A big thank you to Lo TIde for having me, it was a pleasure to work with you and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. 

Listen to 'Flow' by clicking the link below or simply look to the right side of the page for my soundcloud box :)

Buy the album here - 

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  1. Thanks very much! It was wonderful to work with you on this one!!!